Your Expert Cluster

Your Expert Cluster is a technical consulting firm acting as an umbrella organization for a network of experts, each of whom has many years of professional and project experience.

We serve smaller and mid-sized businesses as well as large corporations across a wide array of industries in the development and implementation of concepts for the digitization of value chains and flexible production.

We focus strongly on the fundamentals of the industrial internet and smart manufacturing – master data management, industry and corporate standardization, and document management. We then relate these basics to issues such as product and process safety, CE management, process analysis, and process integration.

We advise our customers on their technology and innovation management and jointly derive concepts for strategic market development. In addition, we work with professional training centers and publishing houses and offer both public seminars and in-house courses.

Information about us

We act as a platform bundling expert knowledge and helping our clients implement their projects – by providing comprehensive insight, profound subject matter expertise, and optimized use of resources.

Your Expert Cluster was founded in 2012. Our experts have many years of experience as managing directors, executives, project managers, and consultants across a wide array of industries. This insight forms the basis for our professional focus. Our aim is to provide support to your operational procedures and manufacturing processes and to work with you in developing novel products and gaining access to new markets.

We are located all across Germany and draw upon further expertise if needed. We know from practical experience that complex cross-functional tasks can only be performed successfully when acting as a single team.

Our services

Your Expert Cluster offers a  broad spectrum of services:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Consulting
  • Project management

If you decide to work with us then you sign a contract with Your Expert Cluster, and we will take care of the rest. We will set up the project team and handle the financial aspects of services provided by each of the team members. The project will always be led by one of our experts, according to industry sector and project focus. We will draw on external resources and expertise if we believe that they contribute to the project’s success.

Your benefits:

  • A single contract partner for a large portfolio of services
  • Consulting and monitoring provided by Your Expert Cluster experts
  • Minimized risk during project execution due to shared expertise in our network
  • Standardized quality control and methodology for all our services
  • Standardized document structures for all services

We also provide coaching and training so that your teams are able to implement strategies and manage projects on their own or in the aftermath of your cooperation with our experts.

We offer seminars covering a wide range of industry-related topics, and we work with professional training centers and publishing houses.


Our memberships in professional organizations and councils

Both Your Expert Cluster and the individual experts are members in professional organizations, councils, and working parties, such as

  • eCl@ss e.V.
  • Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. (DIN)
  • DIN/Ausschuss Normenpraxis (DIN/ANP)
  • Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI)
  • Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA)

Leadership team

Managing partners / shareholders

Dr. Klaus Hesselmann

Responsibilities: | Finance | Project management | Requests for proposal and contracts |

Focus areas:
– Standardization and classification
– Management of standards and documents
– Quality management of data

Dr. Christian Lockemann

Responsibilities: | Marketing | IT infrastructure | Sales | Partner management |

Focus areas:
– Strategic market development and business development
– Innovation management
– Processes and business models