Each of our experts has comprehensive experience in consulting which in turn forms the basis for our servie modules:

Owner’s Expert

We consider ourselves members of your teams and attend to your interests also against third parties. Our cooperation is marked by mutual trust.


We develop a concept for solving your challenges in close cooperation with you. We provide comprehensive advice – both at mangement level and in collaboration with your specialist teams and project managers.


You are entitled to the best consulting services and a comprehensive solution. We have access to a large network of experts upon which we draw according to project requirements.

Knowledge transfer

Our experts are experienced trainers and coaches. We have held seminars for many years and are active in academic teaching. We know how to transfer knowledge into didactic concepts so that it becomes immediately available for practical implementation.

We run workshops and train your staff. Our knowledge is taught in the context of your company to order to have a lasting effect on the success of your business.


All of us have been in charge of complex projects – with many project team members, with large – but always closely calcualted – budgets, and with ambitious timeframes. This experience forms the background for the projects that we execute together with you.

Project Management

Many companies face the challenge of managing important projects successfully while their employees remain tied up in day-to-day business, the company lacks the necessary competence or experience in certain types of projects, or internal resources for innovative approaches are not available. We take over manageing these projects and lead them to success.

Project Handling

We know how to structure complex projects – from user requirement and functional design to documentation, implementation, and commisssioning. We have worked for numerous industries and know how to handle both the necessary abstraction and the concrete execution.